"Keuringdienst van Waarde" of Dahl TV Shoot Video In Our Factory​
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"Keuringdienst van Waarde" Programme Director Mr. Maarten Franciscus Henricus Antonius from Dahl TV, together with his colleague Mr. Sander Mesfin den Broeder and Mr. Stijn van Santen paid a visit to our factory to shoot a video for their "Keuringdienst van Waarde" programme.

They shoot video in our material Raw material workshop, Production plants, Show room, QA/QC Office, Warehouse, and other places. They are very interested in our magic keys of working with many great brands around the work for quite many years, and the special techniques we used for hand-blown glass.

Mr. Maarten Franciscus Henricus Antonius said after the video shooting:”We think that Fashion Glass Limited is the only Chinese handmade Glassware manufacturer be able to reflect the high profile of this industry, and we also believe that European viewers will be fascinated by the beauty of handmade glass in China, and be satisfied by the quality of Fashion Glass products.”

About "Keuringdienst van Waarde" of Dahl TV:

"Keuringdienst van Waarde" is a Dutch consumer television programme. It's broadcasted on Dutch national television for over 7 years. The programme is produced by Dahl TV, an Amsterdam based company, part of Blazhoffski productions. In each episode the programme shows its viewers the world behind different products. For this episode, they visit China to show their viewers the manufacturing of mouth blown glasses.

About Fashion Glass Limited:

Established in 1991, restructured in 2000, Fashion Glass Limited is one of the biggest handmade glassware manufacturers in China. We have more than 1200 employees, 35,000 square meters factory and 9,000,000 pieces annual production capacity. Glassware is our definition of fashion. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.